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One Ragnarok Online Server Details

One Ragnarok Online is a low-mid rate server with Gepard Shield disabling Bots and other third party softwares.

To make the game playable without botting, new maps to farm resources and zeny have been added along with the below rates to make it easier for the gamers to get cards and equipments.

Also, check out the other topics in this section to know the other important features of the server.

Server Rates:

Exp Rates: 18x (We give 300% exp manual x 10 so the rates are pretty high for level up.) in upcoming

Normal Drop rates: 10x
Normal Card Drop rates: 10x
Normal Card Drop rates: 35x

MvP Drop Rates: 1x
MvP Equipment Drop Rates: 1x
MvP Card Drop Rates: 1x

Hope this was helpful in starting your journey. Good Luck! big_smile big_smile


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