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#1 2020-04-28 21:49:30

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Hunting Rules

We all enjoy hunting but we also understand its not easy. So please dont make it tough for other players by doing negative activities. Following are the list of activities you should avoid while hunting along with its punishments.

Normal Monsters Hunting

  • Do not kill steal other people's monsters. (1000 minute silence for first time)

  • Do not leave monsters without completely killing them. We understand sometimes we have to teleport to save yourself but that's a different case. (1000 minute silence for first time)

  • Do not hold mob for more than 30 seconds with you if there are other people hunting in the map. Mob kill move on. So that all are benefited. (500 Minute silence)

ABOVE RULES ARE EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. Please make others experience fruitful too by following all the rules.


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