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[Seasonal Event] Christmas

1. Claim the Christmas Exclusive Costume from Santa!!

- You can claim your all exclusive seasonal Costume by talking to Santa (Prontera 145, 76 which Prontera Market Area)
- Santa will ask for Red Stocking x 25.
- Antonio drops this item and he can be found in various fields.


2. Play the Christmas Carol for your friends whenever you want using this headgear!

- Talk to the lady standing at the Prontera south market (Prontera 160, 79)
- Talk to her and inquire about "Carols".
- She will ask for 6 shining Crystal Pieces
- You can get them by killing the xmas monsters that spawn in different maps
- After returning with the Fragments, Carolling then asks you to bring 10 Wooden Block (Trunk), 1 Hammer of Blacksmith, 1 Jubilee, 10 Sticky Mucus, and 1 3-carat Diamond.
- Talk to her again after collecting the items to receive a Christmas Musicbox and a Buche De Noel.
- You can repeat this part of quest, but you will receive only a Buche De Noel for exchange of 6 Piece of Singing Crystal.


3. Don't you want to look like Santa this Cristmas???

- Speak to Louise Kim (89,92) in Santa's house (xmas_in,89,92) in Lutie
- She requires the following items to make a Louise Costume Box:

  • 1x Cotton Shirt

  • 3x Red Potion

  • 1x Holy Water

  • 1x Wrapping Paper (Christmas Orc, Christmas Jakk, Christmas Goblin or Violent Present)

  • 1x Wrapping Lace (Christmas Orc, Christmas Jakk, Christmas Goblin or Violent Present)

- Bring her those items and you will get a Santa Dress.



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